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Concierge Care

After years of practicing as a traditional pediatric physician, Dr. Agrawal embraced the concept of concierge medicine. She was drawn to the personalized and intentional approach it offered to patient care. Dr. Agrawal aimed to give her patients the gift of time, enabling her to develop deep connections and truly understand their needs.

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One-on-One Care from Infancy to 24 Years

Turn to PGV Pediatrics P.A. for concierge care in Dallas, TX. By enrolling in our program, you gain exclusive advantages. You will have 24/7 access to Dr. Agrawal’s personal cell phone, ensuring you can reach your pediatrician at all times. We also offer weekend and after-hour scheduling, considering the unpredictable nature of children’s health issues.

What’s Included:

  • Compassionate, Nonjudgmental Care
  • Direct Cell Phone Access
  • Weekend and Extended Hours
  • Ayurvedic/Holistic Practice
  • Genetic Testing
  • Custom Nutrition/Exercise Plans
  • Personalized Vaccine Schedules
  • Breastfeeding Support

24/7 Access to your Pediatrician

Our exclusive concierge program provides families with personalized, round-the–clock, direct access to Dr. Agrawal via phone call, email, or text message. This means 24/7 extended hours and holidays, too.

Flexible Scheduling

Get more time to discuss your child’s needs with flexible scheduling. We understand that avoiding unnecessary visits to urgent care and the emergency department for nonemergency is important for your family.

In-Depth Health and Wellness

In addition to normal medical attention, Dr. Agrawal provides in-depth, personalized wellness plans. Encompassing nutrition, exercise, and sleep. These plans also encourage mindfulness and compassion to help children grow into healthy adults.

Holistic Care

Ayurvedic and homeopathic blending of Eastern and Western medicine. By incorporating diet, yoga, and exercise while preventing the overuse or unnecessary use of medications we focus on whole body, mind, and emotional care.

Virtual Care

Dr. Agrawal offers a unique blend of personalized care and convenience with virtual appointments. Families have more flexibility in the comfort of their own home, whether they are local, just outside of DFW, or beyond.

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